Factory Information

Tpw Our factory covers an area of 23,000 square meters, there are two major production workshop, respectively tow production workshop and filament production workshop. We are 24 hours of continuous production, annual production capacity of  annual production capacity is 10,000 tons. There are 3,000 square meters of vacant workroom area, in the case of the market and the product best-selling, there is enough space to increase the equipment into production in a short time.

Currently the full staff of 210, including 12 management positions, technical staff of each position 35, 10 sales staff. Polypropylene and Poly lactic acid produced in tow workshop, the two production lines, switching varieties for production. The process is roughly the same. There are differences in production process. We will design the spec of tow as per filter rod requirement for customer.

The polypropylene material has chemical stability, light weight, etc., can be used as the filter substrate for various versatile products. We have successfully developed customized products in recent years, including colored fabric, health care supplies permeable layer, pen refills series of different specifications products. We will continue to tap the unique properties of the material and with always keep on opening up more areas of application.

Today, polypropylene fiber tow has become the company’s stable, mature product line. Since 2009, we have opened up foreign markets and we have successfully achieved ever growing good sales volumes through constant upward demand trend in foreign markets.